New website and what’s to come

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our new website, just in time for 2020! We built it with you in mind: a place that’s easy to navigate, relevant to you, and that represents who we are.

But… it’s not quite finished. As a licensee, you should have access to our portfolio with pricing, LTOs, and allocated items. We may even feature certain specialties or flag vintage changes. To do this, we need to build an industry log in. It’s in the works, and we’ll let you know when it’s done.

In the meantime, you can explore:

  • a list of our amazing suppliers by country and region, with links to their websites (if they have one)
  • a list of our amazing accounts — you who we happily work with (let us know if you’re not there… it’s a lot of data)
  • this blog with timely information relevant to you, the buyer and seller who needs stories about and information on our wines

Finally, since this is brand new, your feedback will only make it better for everyone. Please write us with any comments or suggestions. You can send it to your rep, or write to me directly at

Cheers, and Happy New Decade!

    Let me know about portfolio updates, LTOs, and other industry news.

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