With this new year and decade, we figured it’s time to adopt digital. That means launching this new website, renewing our social media activity, and more actively and interactively reaching out to the public, our clients, and to you, our suppliers.

One thing that gets us to work every day is how proud we are to represent you. We work with you because we believe in your principles, care, and excellence. Our goal is to share your stories, information, reviews, recent news, photos, activity—everything the wine-loving world will be interested in—with our customers, friends, family, and the public.

What does that mean?

A lot of our work we can do by searching—wine review websites, your websites, other online publications, and by following your social media activity. Outside of that, at times we’ll be asking you directly for some things like photos, harvest or vintage conditions, new releases or library releases, events you’re participating in, specifics about a piece of land, a phase in the winemaking process, a technique, or some family or regional history.

The goal is to increase and improve exposure of your company and products to our customers. We understand the sheer amount of work you have running a winery, so hope you can get back to us with that information as efficiently as possible. We’ll also be mentioning you in social media posts, so any sharing you can do helps everyone.

Who is doing all this?

While the whole Artisan team will be working together to produce social content, the person running the program is Matt Browman. Matt has known Dave L. since 2002. He has a wine and writing background, which includes 20 years in the wine industry in hospitality, retail, education, judging, and writing. He has sat the Master Sommelier exams and earned the WSET and ISG diplomas. He’s also a writer, having instructed and edited for clear communication with government, regulatory, and private sector organizations, as well as writing marketing materials for a range of industries. He will be producing most of the blog content, and the rest of the Artisan team will be contributing in all other ways.

We’re looking forward to interacting with you more regularly and to spreading your products and stories further and deeper in our markets.

Here’s to a strong 2020!

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