Domaine Marcel Deiss, Alsace

Domaine Marcel Deiss

The wines from Domaine Marcel Deiss’s Grand Cru and Premier Cru parcels are famous for their exquisite expression, concentration, focus, complexity, length, and ageing ability. And it’s no accident. Their philosophy is an anomaly in both Alsace and the greater wine world. In 1947, when Alsace was moving toward single- varietal worship, the Deiss family doubled down on terroir and took the stance that vineyard field blends were the only true terroir. They call this approach “complantation”. On top of that, through his biodynamic growing and obsession with the vines living their best selves, they emphasize wines’ texture and structure beyond aromatics. The family winery goes back to the mid-1600s, and today Mathieu Deiss farms the 32 hectares with father Jean-Michel.