For us, wine is about sharing stories, family & friendship

Our relationships with some of the world's best vineyards let us bring those stories to tables across Western Canada.

Why Artisan Wines?

The wines we import are for people whose wine matters when the reason doesn’t have to.  They’re for couples old and new, families young and generational, for grads, crypto apes, executives, athletes, musicians, renewable innovators, gamers.

If you run a restaurant or wine shop and need to flesh out a section, glass-pour for margin, or showcase a storied grower, we’ve got your wine.


Making wine is an inspired struggle

You’ll notice that we represent some of the world’s most recognized wineries from the top regions in the world right alongside equally great yet lesser-known people and places. We take the most pride in our relationships with those doing the hard work on special land so that you can share it with the people in your life who matter.


Taking wine to the future and the future to wine

Watch this space while we explore immersive wine experiences, and education and investment opportunities through virtual (and real) visits and tastings, NFT or digital collectible offers and other Web3 interaction. Reach out for more info.

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